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Threads is adding branded content tools to create paid promotion opportunities

In this week's news, Threads is introducing branded content tools for enhanced paid promotion opportunities, Meta is forging a new partnership to integrate Roblox with Quest VR, and there's a growing discussion on whether streaming advertisers can truly achieve a balance between contextual and audience targeting.

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Meta Launches Threads, Provides Insights into Coming Elements

In this week's news, Meta launches Threads, offering insights into upcoming elements, while the Out-Of-Home industry embraces the clean room trend, and Dentsu seeks strong Gen Z connections with expansions into gaming, and anime.

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The privacy changes as part of Apple iOS 17 and Google’s Chrome could mean a messy month for marketing

In this week's news, privacy changes in Apple iOS 17 and Google's Chrome could lead to a tumultuous month for marketing, Meta sheds light on its evolving feed algorithms and their utilization of AI, while YouTube introduces the ability for brands to purchase specific time slots for Masthead Ads during major events.

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TikTok Expands Access to New TikTok Shops eCommerce Program

In this week's news, TikTok expands access to its new TikTok Shops eCommerce program, Meta targets a mid-July launch for its Twitter challenger app, and marketers are getting back to the 'fundamentals' in uncertain economic times.

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TikTok Expands Brand Safety Measurement Partnership with Integral Ad Science

In this week's news, TikTok strengthens its brand safety measurement through an expanded partnership with Integral Ad Science, digital audio asserts its prominence as a powerful advertising medium, and Meta enhances Reels ad options with a simplified music tool for more impactful promotions.

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Reddit Launches New Keyword Targeting and Product Ad Options

In This Week's News, Reddit Unveils New Keyword Targeting and Product Ad Options, Spotify's Lee Brown Highlights Latest Advertiser Pitch, and MadHive Secures $300 Million Investment from Goldman Sachs to Expand Measurement Tech Portfolio

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Meta’s Twitter Alternative App Gets its Own Icon as it Moves Closer to Launch

In this week's news, exciting developments unfold as Meta's Twitter Alternative App receives its distinct icon, bringing it one step closer to launch, while witnessing the convergence of search and social, alongside a comprehensive analysis of CMO strategies and the allocation of social platform budgets, encompassing popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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Instagram Adds Search Ads Placement into its Marketing API

In this week's news, Instagram has added search ads placement into its Marketing API, Google has unveiled its groundbreaking plans to enhance paid search through the power of generative AI, and an in-depth exploration of the market, strategies, and emerging trends has uncovered the immense potential of cross-platform and mobile advertising.

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