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This Week's News: 2021/09/22

In This Week's News, we take a look at Google's plans to add free, ad-supported streaming TV channels to Google TV, explore a plethora of Facebook's upcoming Personalized Experience tools, and dive into the digital revolution that is the Metaverse.

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This Week's News: 2021/09/15

In This Week's News, we applaud TikTok's new “Well-Being Guide” in its Safety Center, get a first glance at Facebook's new automated marketing tool called "Ad Strategies", and learn how advances in programmatic offerings are helping to bring back out-of-home (OOH) media segments.

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This Week's News: 2021/09/08

In This Week's News, we watch TikTok's watch time surpass another platform, prepare for the end of Google's Expanded Text Ads, and welcome the launch of AnalyticsIQ’s e-commerce store for audience data.

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This Week's News 2021/09/01

In This Week's News, we watch Shopify take on another social channel, learn the ways of Google's updated method of generating titles for web pages, and get a glimpse into the future of OOH advertising.

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This Week's News: 2021/08/25

In This Week's News, We explore the new advertising solutions from Afterpay, learn how anyone can build AR effects using TikTok's new creative toolset called TikTok Effect Studio, and walk down "Marketing Memory Lane" as a few pieces of ‘old’ marketing tech make a comeback in 2021.

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This Week's News: 2021/07/17

In This Week's News, we watch the continued growth of Amazon, learn about Google's new reporting tool for indexing bugs, and celebrate a first-of-its-kind partnership between Flybuys and The Trade Desk that will grant insight into offline and online sales.

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