General news and updates

TikTok Launches New Interactive Market Insights Tool to Better Inform Strategic Planning

In This Week's News, Google ads customizable ads debut on search and YouTube, TikTok launches an insights platform, and Google Ads now offers scripts for automated support.

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YouTube is testing ads on YouTube Shorts

In This Week's News, Spotify launches Spotify Island in Roblox, LinkedIn helps advertisers with Lead From ads, and YouTube begins testing ads on YouTube Shorts.

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What Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover means for advertisers

In This Week's News, We'll explore what Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover means for advertisers, TikTok's new interactive add-ons for ads, and the metaverse's first brick-and-mortar store

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YouTube Adds New CTV Campaign Measurement Verification Through Expanded Nielsen Partnership

In This Week's News, TikTok surpasses Snapchat as the favourite app amongst teens, YouTube improves CTV campaign measurement, and Spotify raises some eyebrows within the podcast industry.

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Instagram's Removed In-Stream Video Ad Placements from its Advertising Options

In This Weeks News, Instagram removes its in-stream video ad placement, TikTok's ad revenue continues to grow, and the 28-page 2022 ‘Snapchat Generation’ report was released for exploration.

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Send YouTube Links in a Snap!

In This Week's News Snapchat makes it easier to share YouTube links, Google debuts a new recycling attribute, and TikTok’s share of dollars grows the further it goes down the marketing funnel.

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