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Raconteur Feature: What Hybrid Working Means for Sales Teams

While flexibility and autonomy may help with productivity and work-life balance, in people-facing roles like sales, being around people can help build comradery and confidence. 

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Why you Need to Invest in Your Website's Mobile User Experience

Prioritizing a mobile-friendly design can enhance conversions, safeguard budgets, maintain customer satisfaction, and preserve brand reputation in the digital landscape.

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How to Maximize ROI with Google's AI-Enhanced Responsive Search Ads

Learn how to optimize ads and maximize ROI with Google's AI-powered ads

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DEI Campaign Spotlight: Target’s “Más Que / More Than” Campaign

This week's DEI+ Campaign Spotlight highlights Target's "Más Que / More Than" campaign which aims to authentically represent the Hispanic and Latino community through highlighting Hispanic and Latino entrepreneurs and their products. How was this campaign a successful one? They collaborate with partners like the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, prioritize inclusivity through the Hispanic Latino Business Council, and strive to build connections and celebrate Hispanic culture year-round.

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DEI+ Campaign Spotlight: R/GA "Gentle Giant"

This week's DEI+ Campaign Spotlight:bulb: discusses the "Love Lives On" short film series, which is part of the ongoing "Love Has No Labels" campaign by The Ad Council and R/GA. The series aims to promote love, allyship, and support for marginalized communities while addressing issues of hate, bias, and discrimination. The main focus is on the anthem film "Gentle Giant," which tells the story of Bridgett Floyd, sister of George Floyd, whose murder by Minneapolis police sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. How was this campaign a successful one? "Gentle Giant" used intentional storytelling and emphasis on the power of humanity to connect with the audience. It highlights how love and actions inspired by love can bring about meaningful change in society. The film amplifies the voice of George Floyd's sister and advocates for education and action against racial discrimination and injustice.

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DEI+ Campaign Spotlight: Mastercard’s Gdzie Zamieszkać Utilizing Data for Good

In this week's campaign spotlight, we share Mastercard's "Where to Settle" campaign which aimed to assist Ukrainian refugees in Poland affected by the war by helping refugees find housing and employment. The campaign utilized a digital platform,, to provide data on living costs, job opportunities, and housing options in various Polish locations, aiding users in making informed decisions. What made this campaign a successful one? Mastercard's commitment to using data responsibly and the campaign's user-friendly, inclusive approach highlighted the brand's dedication to social good and positive impact.

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