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In this Week's News, we dive into new and emerging ad formats ranging from OOH to eCommerce and social media.

This Week's News: 2021/06/09

Hotspex Media Team

OOH advertising returns in China, bearing new opportunities

  • The improving yet unpredictable environment calls for OOH advertisers in China to adapt to local conditions, and to target the consumer who is venturing out hopefully but warily.
  • It's forecasted that OOH ad expenditure in China will rebound by 6.5% this year, to reach RMB 59.01 billion ($8.55 billion) still well below 2019 levels.

Though spending on outdoor ads will start returning to normal this year, where and how brands deploy them may be anything but ordinary in a post-pandemic China. Between February and November 2020, OOH investments grew for train stations by 52% YoY due to increased demand for domestic travel. Many people are still staying local, driving advertising demand for OOH locations like elevators, from sectors such as food delivery, online grocery, and local group buying. In March 2021, spending on LCD display and print ads in elevators rose by 27.1% and 89.6% YoY. Digital screens have made outdoor ads more cost-effective and enable brands to convey information promptly. 3D video ads have popped up in digital billboards in high-traffic areas; people can enjoy these hyper-realistic 3D animations without special eyewear. Brands are also using hundreds of LED-equipped drones to form logos, slogans, product images, and even QR codes in lights against the night sky —more importantly, they hit record and share the footage on social media, where the ads reach even more eyeballs, and possibly go viral in China and beyond.

Pinterest Debuts Shopping List Feature

  • The feature will roll out in Australia, Canada, France and Germany later during 2021

Debuting first in the U.S. and U.K, the feature, located on the profile page above other boards, automatically saves all of a user’s shoppable Product Pins in one area. Each item’s price, reviews and shipping information are arranged in a grid for ready comparisons when making purchasing decisions. Pinterest will also notify the feature’s users when the prices of saved items go down, another way to encourage shopping. In addition to the shopping list feature, shoppable pins, product recommendations and AR-enabled try-ons, Pinterest’s efforts to compete in the eCommerce space include its recent introduction of video-first Idea Pins for creators.

For the first time, full-screen ads arrive on Twitter in the form of Fleet ads

  • Twitter is now testing Fleet ads, which would bring vertical format, full-screen ads to the platform for the first time
  • The social media platform is also looking into other full-screen ad formats.


Fleet ads support 9:16 aspect ratio video (up to 30 seconds long) and images and feature a swipe-up call-to-action. Fleet ads will appear between Fleets from other users or brands, similar to Instagram Stories ads, and they are currently only visible to a limited group of mobile users in the U.S. Metrics including impressions, profile visits, clicks, site visits, total views, 6s video views, quartile reporting, etc. are available for Fleet ads. These ads may help Twitter maintain parity with TikTok and Instagram’s ad offerings.

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