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Hotspex Media, the fastest growing programmatic trading desk in Canada.
Founded in Toronto as an independent trading desk
Fastest growing media buying team in Canada
– Canadian Business, 2019
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About Hotspex Media

  • Strategic Media Planners

    Our solutions directly address your business and marketing objectives instead taking a "one size fits all approach".

  • Integrated Buying Source

    All your advertising planned, executed, and measured in one place. No outsourcing.

  • Unified Ad Reporting

    Easily apply insights and optimizations through a centralized and customizable reporting dashboard.

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Digital Advertising Services

From briefing all the way through to execution, optimization, and reporting. We've got your back.

  • Google Partner
  • Access to DSPs + Social Ads
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking
  • Unified Reporting
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Align your ads with "brand right" placements

Emotional Targeting

Increase brand lift by using our award-winning contextual targeting solution, delivering your ads in placements that are emotionally aligned with your ad campaign.

  • Increased Media Effectiveness
  • 30+ Custom Segments
  • Accessible Across DSPs
  • Proprietary Brand Measurement
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Recent Mentions in the News

A few recent highlights
Canadian Business

Named the 24th fastest growing company in Canada in 2019

Canadian Marketing Awards

Won Gold at the CMAs for YouTube Storytelling, alongside GRIP and RBC

GRIT Greenbook

Hotspex Research was voted the most innovative insights firm in North America