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In This Week's News, we're uncovering hidden audiences within Facebook And Instagram, leaning into how programmatic audio opens the door for "screen-free" campaigns, and some additional clarity from Google Surrounding their upcoming changes to tCPA and tROAS bidding strategies.

This Week's News: 2021/04/21

Hotspex Media Team

Ad Bacon Has A Tool To Help Buyers Find ‘Hidden' Audience On Facebook And Instagram

  • Ad Bacon released a discovery tool called Audience Kitchen that helps advertisers identify a wider selection of Facebook audiences that don’t surface when searching via Facebook’s own UI.

Ad Bacon offers better search results through an integration with the Facebook API in tandem with its own AI-powered recommendation algorithm. The results of a search in Ads Manager for “pet supplies,” for example, doesn’t bring up the highly relevant “dog lovers” segment. And a search for “snacks” using Ads Manager brings up 25 results, but there are a lot of other potential – and available – segments hidden from view. The same search in Audience Kitchen brings back 401 results, including one segment of 13 million people interested in “convenience food.” Audience Kitchen is available as a freemium model, with the first handful of audience results visible for free and the rest behind a paywall with different pricing for sole practitioners and for teams.

How audio programmatic is unlocking ‘screen-free’ campaigns

  • Throughout 2020, the time U.S. adults spent with digital audio grew 8.3% averaging 90 minutes/day

Digital audio apps such as Spotify and Pandora reported increased usage through smart speakers and smart TVs, and increased use at unusual times of the day; such as weekday usage resembling weekend usage. In 2020, 37% of U.S. adults listened to at least one podcast each month, up from 32% in 2019. Today, more than half of the U.S. population reports listening to music daily, 40% of US adults watch daily videos on connected TV (CTV), and audio is proving to be just as popular. Audio is popular among millennials and Gen Z, proving an especially effective format for capturing a listener’s full attention and can work in tandem with other channels such as native, display, video and CTV. With this growth, digital marketers are seizing the opportunity to leverage the power of programmatic advertising, to expand their reach and speak directly to the audience.

Target CPA and Target ROAS will be bundled with other Google Smart Bidding strategies

  • Advertisers are still able to use tCPA and tROAS, but later this year, these options will only appear with Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value.

Moving forward, Maximize Conversions will have an optional tCPA field, and Maximize Conversion Value will have an optional tROAS field. tCPA and tROAS will remain available and Google will notify advertisers in advance before automatically switching their current tCPA and tROAS strategies to the new fields. Under the new configuration, you can still optimize your bids like you would with tCPA and tROAS by filling in the optional fields under Maximize Conversions or Maximize Conversion Value. Aside from the settings you’ll be using once this update rolls out, not much is actually changing in terms of how bid management works.

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