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In This Week's News, we address Facebook's Australian news stand-off, Roku and blossoming Nielson's, and the IDFA Going Away.

This Week's News: 2021/03/03

Mara Heathcote

Facebook pledges to invest $1 billion in news after Australia standoff ends

  • Facebook & Google plan to spend $1 billion on news over the next three years.

Facebook blocked news pages in Australia last Wednesday after the Australian government said it was going to introduce a new law that would require Facebook to pay publishers for linking to their stories. After a heated debate, Facebook announced that it plans to spend at least $1 billion in the news industry over the next three years. Additionally, last October Google announced that it plans to pay publishers to create and curate content for a new mobile product called Google News Showcase

  • Read the full from CNBC

Roku Acquires Video Ad Tech From Nielsen – And Nielsen Gets Insights On Roku Users

  • Roku will acquire capabilities in automatic content recognition (ACR) and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) from Neilson
  • Nielsen will gain insight into nearly 100 million smart TVs and OTT devices. 
  • This will allow traditional networks to swap out an ad for one that’s more precisely targeted – and that advertisers will pay more for.

Roku is situating itself as DAI infrastructure, such that any and every ad that travels through its operating system can be replaced. Roku said it will acquire Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising business, (Expected to close Q2, 2021) inheriting capabilities in automatic content recognition (ACR) and dynamic ad insertion (DAI).

  • DAI lets advertisers show different ads to different households.
  • ACR first identifies content being watched on a TV, and then DAI powers the swapping of ad creatives.

In return, Nielsen will get a much fuller look at Roku’s audience, necessary to prove out its updated currency, called Nielsen ONE. Nielsen will gain insight into nearly 100 million smart TVs and OTT devices and expects the new currency will go live Q4 2022.

IDFA Is Going Away, So What Should Mobile App Publishers Do To Prepare?

  • Apple's iOS 14.5 update will disallow access to Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) data for app publishers, DSPs and mobile measurement partners.
  •  Apple will provide privacy centric attribution through its SKAdNetwork (SKAN) and App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework to protect those users who opt out of IDFA sharing.

Last June, Apple announced the nearing end for the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) at the app level. Starting with the iOS 14.5 update, app publishers, DSPs and mobile measurement partners will no longer have default access to IDFA data. Publisher apps will need to support SKAdNetwork in order to ensure that the install and event conversions can be measured on devices that run iOS 14.5 and beyond. Right now, less than a quarter of ad inventory is SKAN compatible but that number is expected to reach 50% by the time the new iOS version drops.

The Post-IDFA Alliance has focused on testing and evolving contextual attribution strategies to help the entire mobile ecosystem – including DSPs, SSPs and measurement platforms. There are two things publishers can do in the coming weeks to prepare:

  1. Update supply partner SDKs to the latest version. The sooner publishers release their updated apps, the more likely they are to resolve any lingering issues and maximize the number of users on the latest version.
  2. Add the complete list of SKAdNetwork IDs from supply partners to info.plist. For every app, this list defines which supply partners will have permission to get attribution. Publishers will need to manually add every single network they work with to ensure they can receive postbacks moving forward.

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