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Running an ad campaign on a single marketing platform is no longer an effective strategy.

Multichannel Digital Marketing

Madeha Irshad

Multichannel marketing is an integrated approach to digital advertising, spanning devices, channels, apps, and more.

According to Experian, more than 80% of marketers are using a multi-channel campaign of three or more digital channels. Planning a digital ad buy? Here are just a few of the benefits to running across multiple channels:


Running a campaign on display, social media, and search casts a wider net, garnering maximum exposure across multiple touchpoints. When conducting brand lift studies, campaigns that had a multichannel approach show a much higher brand lift versus campaigns which only had one channel in market.

Channel Optimization

Creating a strategy that will reach your audience on the right platforms is a key element to digital campaigns. Knowing where your audience spends their time online seems easy to figure out right? Although it isn’t that simple. Many factors such as campaign flight, budget, audience targeting, brand messaging – and more – play a major role in determining the platforms right for your campaign. This is where we can help! Begin with the right strategy and investment rationale and then shift spend throughout the course of the campaign to the tactics that perform best with your audience.

Data Driven Storytelling

A multichannel digital marketing strategy can provide a cost-effective way for your brand to get better data collection and insights about your audience. By investing in tactics that complement one another, we can segment and exclude engaged audiences to:

  • Maximize unique reach;
  • Retarget with personalized messaging; and
  • Improve Cross-Channel Conversion Attribution
End-to-End Solution

We enable end-to-end solutions through effective marketing on multiple channels. Our creation, management, measuring, tracking and execution of ad campaigns fetch you the best results. Give us a shout to see how you can take your digital advertising campaigns to the next level.

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