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DEI+ Campaign Spotlight: Vaseline Tackles Systematic Racism & Healthcare Inequalities

This week's DEI+ Campaign Spotlight highlights Vaseline's See My Skin Campaign which tackles healthcare inequalities for melanin-rich skin through a database collaboration with HUED and VisualDx. How was this campaign a successful one? They channeled collaborating with other organizations to achieve a goal in a systematic issue through providing education, resources, and connections to culturally sensitive healthcare providers. This resulted in them earning trust from the community and creating over 3 million equitable skincare experiences.

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Fortune cookies, the Sphere and more: How advertisers are taking OOH beyond billboards

In this week's news, advertisers innovate outdoor advertising beyond billboards with ventures like Fortune Cookies and The Sphere, SXM Media amplifies programmatic podcast advertising, and Meta bolsters its brand safety toolkit to provide additional reassurances for ad partners.

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DEI+ Campaign Spotlight: Deload by Gymshark & Men's Mental Health

This week's DEI+ Campaign Spotlight features Gymshark's Deload Campaign which aims to destigmatize men's mental health. We dive into how Gymshark partnered with mental health organizations and opened the Deload Barber Shop in London, providing a safe space for men to talk openly about their mental health with professional mental health-trained barbers. How was this campaign a successful one? The campaign's success can be attributed to fostering an authentic community, both online and in-person, challenging traditional masculine norms, and encouraging men to prioritize their mental health.

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TikTok Announces New Music Licensing Agreement with Warner Music

In this week's news, TikTok has announced a new music licensing agreement with Warner Music, Google has incorporated Display and Dynamic Search Ads into its AI Performance Max, and PubMatic has made a strategic move into the Commerce Media sector through both acquisitions and divestitures.

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DEI+ Campaign Spotlight: Apple’s The Greatest Campaign

Apple's The Greatest campaign highlights the lives of differently-abled individuals and how Apple's products enhance their daily experiences. The focus is on people over products, normalizing inclusivity in marketing and challenging perspectives. Prioritizing disability inclusion can benefit brands by appealing to a broader customer base and attracting top talent. The campaign encourages a more inclusive society.

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Threads is adding branded content tools to create paid promotion opportunities

In this week's news, Threads is introducing branded content tools for enhanced paid promotion opportunities, Meta is forging a new partnership to integrate Roblox with Quest VR, and there's a growing discussion on whether streaming advertisers can truly achieve a balance between contextual and audience targeting.

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