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Maximizing On-Target Reach

With our proprietary media targeting product; Emotional Targeting, we allow for more precise contextual alignment, serving ads within emotionally-aligned placements, ensuring greater suitability while making media investments work harder.

  • Affinity + Custom Intent
  • First Party Data Matching
  • Audience Exclusions
  • Third Party Data
  • Marketing for B2B Target Audience
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Brand Safety
  • Emotional Targeting

We know how to best leverage first-party data, available third-party data, contextual considerations, and platform-specific tactics to improve ad relevance and resonance. We provide peace of mind when it comes to brand safety by leveraging a company-wide block list in conjunction with leading external tools (IAS, Double Verify, and MOAT) to audit and sustain quality ad delivery. For the purpose of ad optimization for advanced audience targeting, Hotspex Media has developed an in-house artificial intelligence called Reticle.

What is Reticle?

Reticle is our solution to the problem of emotional intent based ad buying. It is an internally developed emotional AI that was created specifically for alignment between the intent of an ad and any proposed ad placements. This AI tool helps us in delivering a higher quality ad experience for consumers. It is equally beneficial for B2C or B2B target audience, providing unique data-driven solutions for our client’s targeted media buying.

Reticle is an acclaimed AI solution for media buying services and was nominated for two drum awards for Innovation and Technology.

The inclusion of such a state of the art AI system allows Hotspex media to have a strong and distinguished position among targeted media buying service providers.

Targeted Media Buying: Why It’s Important?

To understand the importance of targeted media buying, you must first know how targeted media buying actually works.

The ability to target a specific aspect in an advertising campaign, be it a particular OS, device, location, interest or a website, is what we know as Targeted Media Buying. It is one of the most important elements in affiliate marketing due to the dependency of your whole ROI aspect on the success of your targeting.

The concept is simple, you wrong targeting in your media buying results in losing money. A successful targeting, in most cases, will increase revenue. And if you target right and are not generating revenue, you get to collect beneficial data to further improve your marketing strategy. This is why Targeted media buying is crucial to any marketing campaign.

So, a good targeted media buying service provides you with two main benefits:

  • An increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and also an increase in Conversion Rate (CR) for your business.
  • It increases the quality of traffic you’re getting, by funnelling the most relevant users through the most relevant channels.

Hotspex Media: Get The Traffic You Need

Through our expert team backed by a best-in-class AI for advanced audience targeting, we can deliver the results you want and need. Maximize your on-target reach, Contact Hotspex Media Today!

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