Detailed Targeting

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Maximizing On-Target Reach

We know how to best leverage first-party data, available third-party data, contextual considerations, and platform-specific tactics to improve ad relevance and resonance. We provide peace of mind when it comes to brand safety by leveraging a company-wide block list in conjunction with leading external tools (IAS, Double Verify, and MOAT) to audit and sustain quality ad delivery.

  • Affinity + Custom Intent
  • First Party Data Matching
  • Audience Exclusions
  • Third Party Data
  • B2B + Account Based Marketing
  • Brand Safety
  • Emotional Targeting

With our proprietary media targeting product; Emotional Targeting, we allow for more precise contextual alignment, serving ads within emotionally-aligned placements, ensuring greater suitability while making media investments work harder.

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Detailed Targeting