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Advertising's Impact to Improve Brand Perception

Our recommendations ensure that investment is suitable for brand analysis (media weight and timing) and that you're positioned to analyze metrics such as awareness, favorability, consideration, purchase intent, association with key statements, and even emotional perceptions.

  • Google Brand Lift
  • Google Search Lift
  • Sales Conversion Lift
  • Nielsen
  • Dynata
  • Lucid
  • Kantar

The right media mix should factor both the tactic's capacity to contribute to a funnel stage and present the ability to apply consistent brand perception measurement. With our support, you can ensure that we're bidding on and securing media buys that are cost-effective and drive business value.

Measuring Brand Awareness

Measuring brand awareness is a key part of judging the success of any marketing campaign and brand perception strategy. There are two types of brand awareness metrics.

Quantitative Brand Awareness Metrics

Getting data in numbers for your brand awareness is a very difficult task, but it is possible nonetheless. How can you achieve this? Well, there are some solid quantitative metrics that can be used to calculate your brand awareness. These quantitative metrics include:

  1. Direct Traffic: The people that visit your site by directly typing the URL of your site instead of going through a search engine are your direct traffic. The number of direct traffic on your site is the main indicator of your brand perception and brand awareness. If there are a lot of people visiting the site on their own it means your brand perception strategy is working. And if the number of direct traffic is not a good one then we can use the data to devise a more working brand perception strategy.
  2. Site Traffic: This includes all the traffic your site is receiving, direct or indirect. Overall traffic is also an indicator of brand awareness, with higher traffic indicating a better brand perception. Improving your brand perception strategy in any way is reflected through a higher site traffic.
  3. Social Media Engagement: Another Key Metric for measuring brand awareness is your brand’s social media engagement. Any person that likes, shares, retweets or comments on your social media is a direct result of your brand awareness strategy.

Qualitative Brand Awareness Metrics

A less definitive way to track your brand awareness is through qualitative metrics. While they may not be solid numbers, qualitative brand awareness metrics are an important part of calculating the overall performance of your brand perception strategy. 

Google Alerts are the main source of your qualitative data for brand awareness. Monitoring any social media engagement tools is also another way to collect qualitative data related to your brand awareness.

Hotspex Media - Your Perfect Partner For Brand Awareness

Hotspex media uses a wide array of tools at our disposal, including Dynata, Lucid & Google Brand Lift, to collect quantitative and qualitative data to accurately measure brand awareness.

We will not only provide you with solid data on your brand perception measurement, but we also apply the acquired analytics to help you devise a brand perception strategy that results in a positive impact for your brand image across all media.

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