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“They’re just on top of things, making sure everything starts smoothly and letting us know if there are any issues.”

Non-Digital Media Partner

Fellow Advertising Partner pleased with Hotspex's ability to manage digital campaigns and execution for client’s digital media.

If you give Hotspex Media a chance to build a good relationship, then you’ll be pleased to see that they can execute flawlessly. Of course, don’t be afraid to challenge them on strategy.


I’m a partner and the VP of the media department for Twenty6two International.

Opportunity / Challenge

For what projects/services did your company hire Hotspex Media?

Hotspex Media executes and manages a full range of digital campaigns for an advertising company’s clients. They’re capable of handling social, search, paid campaigns, and more.

What were your goals for this project?

We’ve utilized Hotspex Media as our digital agency partner for about 5–6 years. They handle most of our digital advertising needs for our clients.


How did you select Hotspex Media?

Josh (President) pitched me consistently to give Hotspex Media a chance, going so far as to say that he could do the job better than all of the other partners we worked with. I finally decided to try them out. That chance led to another chance, and they ended up overdelivering on what they promised.

Describe the scope of their work in detail.

Hotspex Media has done pretty much everything — search, digital, social, paid social, paid video, and paid static. They do provide some strategy on the keyword research side, but we have the most success with them in their execution for our client’s digital media.

What was the team composition?

Over the years, I’ve probably worked with about 5–6 people.

Results & Feedback

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

In general, Hotspex Media over-delivers on our campaigns based on benchmarks for the industry. They’re just on top of things, making sure everything starts smoothly and letting us know if there are any issues. The reports are pretty thorough, too, and they’ve certainly improved their formatting and presentation.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

We’ve had 1–2 blips, but they mostly stay on track. They follow up with us, make sure that all of the creative is running properly, and use a platform to produce campaign reports.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Their ability to serve us sets them apart. If things go wrong, they’re transparent about it and are good at compensating.

The team is also very hands-on. One of the early tests that convinced me to give them all of our business was when we were running a social campaign for a client. The client put everything on their credit card but maxed it out while they were away. Hotspex Media flagged it the Saturday night that it happened, which showed me how much they were on top of things.

Are there any areas for improvement?

We’re feeling some of their growing pains. There have been some new people on our accounts, and they’re also adjusting to remote work. So, it might take a little longer than we’re used to for an email response.

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